Top Tips for travelling with an allergy

Top Tips for Travel

It can be really common to feel anxious about travelling with a child with allergies. It has certainly been a source of anxiety for myself but I want to show my daughter the world and for her to have a desire to travel and understand she can do this safely by managing her allergies. I have looked into the advice regarding travel and have spoken to many of you about your top tips. Below are the top tips for travel , please add any in the comments below that you wish to share.

  1. Plan ahead! This is key to any trip or holiday. Before booking your holiday speak to travel companies and do your research on your chosen destination and their understanding of allergies. If you’re staying in a hotel check that there will be options suitable for your child and that they understand the risk of cross contamination. Consider a meet with your GP to discuss travelling with your child and gain further advice about their specific needs. Check the nearest medical services to where you plan to stay and ensure you know how to dial the emergency services. Plan to take non perishable food items with you so that you can have safe food with you at all times. Remember safe foods here can be different in different countries with how they are produced so always check the labels thoroughly.
  2. Communication, Communication, Communication! This is so important. Communicate your child’s needs with the travel company and airline before you fly. Ask if you are allowed to board the plane early to wipe down the seats and trays etc. What measure will they put in place to ensure safety on the flight? Think about communication when you arrive ad are out and about. Allergy UK produce travel translation cards for a small cost that can be posted out to you. This is a great option for explaining your child’s allergy in another country. BCASI also have a travel plan that you can print and edit to take with you. Carry your care plan with you at all times.
  3. Check and prepare medication. Check all medication and expiry dates before you travel leaving enough time to order more if needed. Make sure you have more than enough. A great tip that was shared by another allergy parent was to pre fill the medicine administration syringes with antihistamines for quick and easy access. Remember to store medicine in cool dry place and keep within the correct temperature.
  4. Wet wipes are your friend! Always have wet wipes handy to wipe down airline seats, seats, trays in restaurants etc
  5. Finally, try to relax and enjoy! I know this can often be easier said than done but you all deserve to have an amazing time and having good measures in place can help ease your worries and ensure you have a great time.

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